We owned and managed 5 Fast Crew Boats which manned with a team of experienced and vessel familar marine personnel so we can realize the safety and flexibility benefits of retaining a highly competent and capable core workforce.

Our vessels are:

1. FCB Surya Bayu

4. FCB Surya Ipoh

2. FCB Surya Alai

5. FCB Surya Subang

3. FCB Surya Kelang


We provide Project Management and Integrated Subsea Engineering (Conceptual Design, Detailed Design), Transportation and Installation.

Transportation and Installation

Scope of Work:


Project Management and Engineering (conceptual design, detailed design)

Transportation of work barge and marine spread (transportation barges and tug)

Pre-commissioning Services (hydrotest, pigging,IP, flushing) of pipelines, flowlines and risers

Tow, Mooring Installation and Hook-Up

Scope of Work:


Project Management and Engineering

Transportation and Installation of Piles and Mooring Chain

Towing of FPSO

Provision of Marine Spread

Hook-Up and  pre-Commissioning

Heavy Lifting Services

Scope of Work:


Project Management and Heavy Subsea Lift Engineering

Offshore Heavy Lifting-installation of fixed facilities such as piled foundations, templates, conductors, jackets and topsides

Subsea Lifting Operations-Lift and transport flexible flowline reels by Heavy Lify Vessel

Provision of Marine Spread

Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Scope of Work:


Project Management and Engineering

Transportation of Diving Support Vessel

Underwater Platform Inspection, repair and Maintenance

Mooring Buoy Inspection

Undewater Debris removal

Subsea Cable Installation

Diving & ROV Services

Scope of Work:


Underwater Inspection in-lieu of dry docking (UWILD)/In-Water Survey (IWS)/Underwater examination (UWE)

a) Platform


c) Jack-up rig

d) Semi-submersibles

Underwater Non Destructive Testing

Underwater Cutting/Welding

Pipe Line Maintenance

Underwater/Subsea construction & installation


We provide wide range of underwater services to be comprehensive marine repair, refurbishment, upgrading & life extension of marine asset and vessels.

SBM/ SPM installation and maintenance

Scope of Work:


SBM/SPM Inspection

Floating hose inspection & change-out

Subsea hose change out

Jetty pile inspection

PLEM sand removal activities

Pre-berthing inspection

Condition based monitoring underwater inspection

SALM hose change-out

SALM hose change-out complete with jumper hose

Mooring Hawser Change Out

Ship Repair and Maintenance

Scope of Work:


Hull cleaning/propeller polishing by hydraulic power-pack and brush-kart

Class In-water surveys/UWILDs, rudder pintle clearances, tail shaft wear-down measurements

Underwater Hull repair by cofferdam

Salvage works

Full range of other underwater maintenance services

Underwater Hose/Cable installation

Scope of Work:


Project Management Team

Cable & Hose Installation Equipment

Marine Fleet for Cable & Hose Lay

Floating and Subsea Hose Installation and Pre-Comissioning


Provision of train highly skills and experience personnal to execute or implement a wide range of services and systems

1. Project Management Team maintenance

- Project Manager

- Construction Manager

- Project Engineer

- Naval Architect

- Pipeline & Structural Engineer

- HSE Engineer


2. Skilled Workers

- Diving Supervisor

- Air Divers

- Rigger Foreman

- Welders

- ROV Supervisor

- ROV Pilot

- Technician

- NDT Inspectors